Hollywood Bound: Reel 1



Pearl came to, moaning.

The last thing she remembered was the party. That glittering party in the strange Tudor mansion deep in the Hollywood hills. Beautiful women in clinging evening gowns that boldly flaunted their succulent delights. Men elegant and mysterious in tuxedos. Champagne glasses clinking, laughter.

Through her drowsy haze she struggled to get her bearings. There was a man, she remembered… A tall blue-eyed actor, looking down at her with the same disarming smile she knew from the movies.

His lean arms had caught her in mid-fall. “Are you all right, miss?”

“Ye-es…” sighed Pearl woozily. “I’m all right… I just felt…a little faint…”

He took the drink that was still in her hand and set it down on a nearby vase table.

“The library has a comfortable sofa,” he told her in a low voice. “Let me take you there.” Deftly and lightly, he swept her away from the raucous party and in a moment they were in a low-lit quiet hallway.

A warm feeling flooded Pearl as the handsome actor looked down at her nearly limp body.

“Are you here with someone?” he murmured. Without hesitation he found the door to the library and opened it.

“I…came alone.” They were inside the room. “He…He sent his car for me…”

“Who, our host?”

Pearl nodded slightly.

“So are you a guest, or are you the entertainment?”

[a little more to come]