“Mr Palmato” An Erotic Fragment by Edith Wharton (1895)

“And now, darling,” Mr. Palmato said, drawing her to the deep divan, “let me show you what only you and I have the right to show each other.” He caught her wrists as he spoke, and looking straight into her eyes, repeated in a penetrating whisper, “Only you and I…”

“The Way of a Man with a Maid”: An Erotic Excerpt by Anonymous (1908)

I placed her standing on a low small platform before me and secured her well with the ropes, lashing her wrists together above her. Then I proceeded to quickly, unceremoniously, strip her of her riding costume, her stockings, her boots, then all her undergarments, until she was naked and bound before me, helpless as I began to explore her once forbidden body.