“The Way of a Man with a Maid”: An Erotic Excerpt by Anonymous (1908)

I placed her standing on a low small platform before me and secured her well with the ropes, lashing her wrists together above her. Then I proceeded to quickly, unceremoniously, strip her of her costume, her stockings, her boots, then all her undergarments, until she was naked and bound before me, helpless as I began to explore her once forbidden body.

Her luscious bubbies were, at last, within inches from my lips and eyes. I had a tantalizingly close look at her palpitating breasts, noting their delicious fulness and ripeness, their lustrous skin, their pink virgin nipples. Even as she turned her face away with a sob, I could see her petal-soft nipples unwillingly ripen under my lustful gaze and become hard little seeds of exquisite response. It was driving me mad, but I controlled myself. Plenty of time for milady’s titty torture, I thought with a wicked thrill.

Staring at Alice’s quivering, roused breasts only inches from my lips, and fighting the urge to torment both taut nipples with the flicking tip of my tongue, I slipped my left arm round her waist, squeezed with my hand both her plump buttocks, then drew her tightly against me. Then whilst I held her firmly, the practiced fingertips of my right hand brushed her torso downward, starting from the valley between her breasts, downward, so slowly…

Terror caused her midriff to clench as my hand approached her cunt. The once-haughty girl guessed my intention. She threw her weight on one leg, then raised her thigh to try to protect her mons from my attack, moaning, “Nooo…noooo…please!… Not there…” She gasped and threw her head back— “Not therrre!” But I easily parted her legs, and disregarding her cries, I stroked her satiny skin until my deft fingers reached her pubic curls. These I gently twined round my fingers, savouring their silkiness. Then I began to feel and press her mount of Venus in the palm of my hand, a finger on each side of its swelling opening, gently parting the lips. Alice wailed loudly at this monstrous violation, jerking herself convulsively backwards and twisting herself in her bonds in a frenzy to avoid my fiendish touch. As she was forced to stand on both legs in order to maintain her balance, her cunt was absolutely defenceless. So I began to attack her virgin orifice, teasingly stroking and tickling her cunt lips, caressing with my middle finger lightly round and round the moistening lips. Alice trembled, her head fell backwards in her agony and she shrieked: “Jack, don’t!… For God’s sake don’t!… Stop!! …Stop!!!” But I could feel her cunt opening under my lascivious will. Her distress became almost uncontrollable. “Oh, my God!” she whimpered as my finger at last found her slick, engorged clitty. Gently with my forefinger and ring ringer I spread apart the swollen cunt lips that vainly hid her hungry little sex seed, and with my middle fingertip lightly, teasingly, flicked at it back and forth. She groaned and spasmodically attempted to squeeze her thighs together in her vain attempt to defend herself from this diabolical ravishment, but my right leg firmly planted between her legs forced them apart. Ignoring her moans and agonised pleas to stop, I continued to slowly, rhythmically, diabolically circle, then tickle her clitoris with my fingertip for a long, long, delirious moment. Then I slid my fingers along her cunt and between its now open lips till I arrived at her maiden orifice below her clit, and tenderly penetrated it with my middle finger, thrusting it deep into Alice’s swollen cunt till it could penetrate no further. Alice, near fainting by now, emitted a deep throaty grunt, and then her struggle became uncontrollable, now jerking rhythmically, rasping her clitty against my hand’s heel as her deep cunt muscles grasped frantically at my devilish digit frigging her in a steady rhythm that possessed her so violently I could hardly hold her still…

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