George was my movie star mother’s big, handsome, silver-haired husband. I was a mousy little bookworm. But he preferred to have me instead of glamorous mom on the leather couch of his private office…

TEMPTING GEORGE by Tara MacThane (#1 in the George and Princess series)

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The introduction to my erotic novel Full Dress, which is available on Smashwords.

Introduction available here FREE in pdf

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It’s the 1920s, and when English capitalist Reggie, Lady Helena his ward, and their reluctant guide Jack Tynan, son of dead missionaries, embark on an expedition from London to the mysterious reaches of the South China Sea, they encounter danger when they stumble onto the secret island enclave of the terrifying—but strangely seductive—overlord, The Dragon, and his equally tantalizing native mistress, Mayah, who has a depraved taste for bondage.

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